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Digital Signage

It is the solution that brings live data, custom messages and content to thousands of displays. It puts you in control of the message with user friendly software.

You can have a horizontal or even a vertical monitor with any type of message for your specific audience. You can provide important information, special discounts, and more with interior or exterior displays.

Indoor and outdoor full color vinyl banners can be produced in just about any size. It is a low cost option that captures attention with exceptional detail.

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In addition to animated text messages, the Grayscale series can display photo-quality pictures and full motion video. It's a powerful advertising medium that stands out and grabs attention.

Monochrome Signage
The most cost-efficient, on-premise media tools. With user friendly software system, text and graphic creation are made simple. Optec's Monochrome EMCs also feature easy-to-use scheduling software that allows messages to be displayed at various times of the day.
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